Shorthorn and Store Cattle Sale

Date: 04-Sep-2020



A/c Waitara Properties  (PTLD)

15 x 15 Charolais x cows with Charolais calves at foot, 1-3 months.  Large frame, mixed aged cows displaying plenty of milk.


A/c Beni Holdings  (PTLD)

10 x 10 Poll Hereford cows with Angus calves, 3-5 months, very sappy units.


A/c Thomas Rocks Holding  (PTLD)

40 Hereford and Hereford x cows, mixed ages.  PTIC to Angus sires


A/c Eschol View  (PTLD)

35 Angus cows, mixed ages, PTIC to Angus sires.  Large frame displaying breeding.

A/c Bulliroy Creek Pastoral Co  (MSD)

20 Hereford heifers, 12 months, Dalkeith blood, NSM.  Quality females ready for bull.

20 Charolais x Hereford heifers, 12 months, NSM.  Excellent quality ready to join.

A/c Wynyard Holdings  (MSD)

20 Santa x Shorthorn heifers, 8-10 months, The Grove blood, NSM

60 Angus heifers, 5-6 months


A/c PM & BC Sutton  (MSD)

30 Angus and Angus Cross heifers, 12-14 months, NSM


A/c Belmore  (PTLD)

30 Braford  heifers, 14-16 months, NSM.  Quality females ready for bull.


A/c Blair-Athol Partners  (PTLD)

5 Murray Grey heifers, 12-14 months, NSM.  Stylish future breeders.

A/c Cowell Partnership  (PTLD)

10 Limo x heifers, 7-9 months, yard weaned.



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